Spiritual Care

“A welcoming Christian Community giving life meaning”

Our mission is to give and receive care and compassion for mind, body and spirit based on Catholic ethics and Christian values.”

What is Spiritual Care?
– H
elping an individual to express the meaning in their life
– Helping an individual to courageously trust the Divine, friends, & family.
– Enhancing a person’s sense of relatedness to their own spiritual resources, including their faith community.

Why might someone need Spiritual Care?
– People need to feel that their lives have meaning and value, and that they are connected to each other as members of a community.

Why is Spiritual Care important?
– Research evidence shows that people consider their quality of life improved as a   result of having their spiritual needs addressed.
– Spiritual beliefs and practices are known to be valued and frequently used by people as a way to help cope with their situation.

Who provides Spiritual Care?
– Of course, our Spiritual Care staff and our volunteer Spiritual Companions provide spiritual care. However, other health care team members, residents/tenants, and family members also provide spiritual care in many ways.
– We all journey with each other to find meaning in life.


For More information please contact:
Deacon Eldon Danielson
Director of Spiritual Care
Phone 306-953-4508
Email:  edanielson@montstjoseph.org

For additional information click on this link Spiritual Care Saskatchewan


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