MSJ History Book “Mom Lives Here”



Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you become too old or confined to take care of yourself?

Or when your relatives can no longer care for you?

What will happen?  Who might step in? Does the state – the province – does anyone have any mechanism to care for you – or maybe for a relative while you still work;  or maybe for a young relative who just needs TOO much care to be alone for huge chunks of the working day?


A lot of these questions are answered in a book written by a professional journalist. Therese Jelinski is the daughter of former MSJ resident Eva Jarzab.

The book is called “Mom Lives Here” and it tracks the philosophy of Mont St. Joseph from its founding in 1944, to its present building & level of care for 120 residents.  It includes lists of residents & staff with over 550 peoples named.  Photographs are included of many with over 115 included in the book (with permission)

There are 7 chapters on the home’s history plus chapters on the Auxiliary, Foundation & Home boards. There is an explanation of the Eden principles used in the home, long term & spiritual care & of the Sisters who remain the mainstay of the Home.

The book is over 220 pages in length & of great interest to many of us involved at all sorts of levels of the Home.

Please contact the Foundation office at 922-4663 to purchase your book today.