MSJ Core Values and Residents Bill of Rights


Core Values

Hospitality– A warm and welcoming atmosphere


Spirituality– Respecting and appreciating the sacredness with in each person


Compassion– Accepting and responding with love to the needs of others


Collaboration– Working as a team dedicated to living the mission


Accountability – Striving responsibly to meet the needs of our Home community



Resident/Elder Bill of Rights

It is the right of the Residents/Elders of Mont St. Joseph Home to:

• Live with dignity, self worth, and independence
• Be recognized for their uniqueness as a person
• Have their life respected, nurtured and cherished
• Receive care that fosters their spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being
• Receive care provided by compassionate, competent and knowledgeable staff
• Give as well as receive care
• Have the opportunity for companionship, variety and spontaneity
• Be informed, consulted and exercise choices
• Maintain their relationships and integrate with their community
• Be in a safe and accepting environment