JJ Thimsen – Life as a Resident

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As I watch the crimson rays of the morning sun touch the tall evergreens filled with the songs of birds, I take this moment to thank the Great Spirit for the friendships I’ve made in this home. I am blessed!

The home can be a very lonely place. When you first move in, your friends promise to visit or take you out for coffee. They do for a while but in time their visits become farther apart and eventually most of them stop coming or calling. A gnawing sense of unease spreads through you as loneliness knocks on your door. It’s not easy to get out and about. In time our world shrinks and some of us become reclusive and most of us become very lonely. So you can understand how precious it is when a staff member reaches out to you in friendship. It’s so special!

Friends bring a new texture, a new depth, a new strength to my life. Some souls are simply drawn together. I’ve been fortunate to have become friends with a couple of staff. Like a blessing, they’ve stepped into my life. I’m talking about the staff who invite me to their homes to share a meal with them and their family. Or staff who take me fishing with them on their days off and staff who take me home on Christmas Eve to bake and cook (and oh how I love to bake and cook) the day away and then to have supper with them and their whole family.

These people have become a delight to my soul and a joy to my heart.

JJ Thimsen