6th Annual “Diamonds & Ice” Gala

Saturday November 25, 2017

Our vision this year was to recognize our Country’s 150th Year. With a 6ft High x 6 ft Wide Ice Sculpture filled with seafood from the East Coast and a snowy Canadian winter landscape transformation of our venue. Our Guests we’re blown away with the astounding Beauty of the evening. Thank you to all of our Incredible Sponsors for your continued support of this fundraiser which also provides Prince Albert Community members with an evening that they continue to talk about throughout the rest of the year! We are so proud of this event and the Class Act that it truly is.

Thank you for Helping us make our 4th Annual Gala a HUGE Success!!!

This years theme was “Red Carpet” Hollywood Oscar Night… The attendees of this Incredible evening are truly what make it the unforgettable evening it has become. This years attendees came dressed IN THEIR BEST! Beautiful gowns… Fur Coats and the Jewels to match the attire! The men looked VERY Dapper as well 🙂

Our Corporate Sponsors enable us to make this an almost 100% profit fundraising event and we are so grateful for their continued support of MSJ Home/Foundation.

We are proud to announce that we raised $40,000 this year that will all go towards the equipment & furnishing needs of MSJ Home.

Thank you Everyone who made this Possible again this year!

We will soon announce Next Years Theme…. Stay Tuned 🙂


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To order  your Gala Tickets:

Call Foundation Director Jennifer White @ 306-922-4663 or email

or purchase online using link below:

Eventbrite Online Gala Ticket Sales

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deck the halls 3rd annual
This year’s 3rd annual Deck the Halls “Black & White Ball” in the Roaring 1920’s Great Gatsby theme was a HIT!

The Gala this year hosted 41 tables with 306 people in attendance and our Foundation raised $35,000.

The monies raised will be used to replace & upgrade equipment & furnishings throughout Mont St Joseph Home through a Board approved priority Capital list. This list is very flexible as it needs to be for possible emergent situations i.e. a kitchen thermodine breaks down and needs to be replaced and this piece of equipment is used by the kitchen staff to heat and keep the Residents food hot for meals. This would become a priority over any other capital item that has been deemed a top priority by the Board of Directors.

Mont St Joseph Home is currently 17 years old and these types of situations are becoming a very common occurrence and our Foundation tries to help with the ability to financially sustain the burdens of the Home as they arise. Over the past year we have replaced all 120 Resident room mattresses, improved parking lot lighting for staff safety, re-painted two of the twelve neighbourhoods, replaced the kitchen’s commercial dishwasher, put in security cameras and swipe card system for staff and Resident safety and much more.

Events like Deck the Halls with the support of the many local business owners and their Corporate Sponsorship and the community support of the event itself with ticket sales and incredible attendance enables the Foundation to offer such support to Mont St Joseph Home.

Thank you for your support and please don’t wait very long to purchase your tickets for next year!!!! They will sell out FAST!

To order tickets for next year call Foundation Director Jennifer White @ 306-922-4663 or email

Next Year’s Theme is….. DRUM ROLL PLEASE………..

RED CARPET GALA…. Think old Hollywood Glam, Oscars, Red Carpet, Drop dead gorgeous Dresses!!! That’s right Ladies an Incredible excuse to go all out on that Dress!!! Hope to see your there!
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